Meet Team BBAC

Take a minute and get to know some of the faces you’ll see in the gym and on the group ex stage at Bangor-Brewer Athletic Club.

Sean Soucy (owner and personal trainer)
Robbie Thibodeau (BodyCombat instructor, personal trainer)
Dawn Johnson Arnold (BodyPump instructor, personal trainer)
Julie Nickerson (BodyVive and Sh’bam instructor)
Rebecca “Becca” Thibodeau (BodyFlow instructor)
Holly Nickerson (BodyAttack instructor)
Kevin Forrest (BodyPump instructor)
Sadie Tyler (BodyPump instructor)

Sean Soucy

Sean Soucy

Sean Soucy

Sean took over as owner of the Bangor-Brewer Athletic Club in July 2007, fulfilling a lifelong goal of owning his own gym. Since then, the gym has moved to a bigger new location, added new programs, and grown in membership.

Sean started weight training while a student at Orono High School. As a U.S. Marine, he helped fellow marines with their training regimens, and he’s been training clients locally since 2005.

Favorite exercise? Triceps extensions.
Least favorite exercise? Barbell curl.
Favorite healthy food?
Favorite cheat food?
Your perfect day?
I don’t believe in them.
What do you love about your job?
Helping people get healthy.
What is most challenging about your job?
The hours!
What’s on your iPod?
st accomplishment? My 2 children, Austin and Gracie.
Next big goal?
To expand!

Robbie Thibodeau

Robbie Thibodeau

We hate to generalize, but let’s just say when it came to group exercise, Robbie was a “typical” guy. He was highly skeptical (to say the least) of anything that went on in the group ex room at BBAC, until we finally coerced him into trying BodyCombat during a men’s night promotion. From that moment on, he was a devoted combateur and now has his own classes at BBAC, which he fills thanks to his enthusiasm for helping people get fit and unleash their inner warriors. He’s also now accepting personal training clients.

Favorite exercise? Push ups.
Least favorite exercise?
Walking lunges.
Favorite healthy food?
Favorite cheat food?
Movie Popcorn 🙂
Your perfect day?
Spending time with my family camping or at the beach.
What do you love about teaching classes?
Bringing exercise & FUN into peoples lives.
What is most challenging about teaching? Getting new members to try group exercise. They don’t realize what they’re missing…
What’s on your iPod? 80’s, 90’s & current top 40
Proudest accomplishment? Joining the BBAC Team & the Les Mills Tribe! In case you didn’t know-I love BodyCombat!
Next big goal? To be even more fit, healthier and stronger, and helping others through personal training and my classes

Julie Nickerson

1276118_533762360038006_718471340_oJulie, a first-grader teacher at the Dedham school, instructs BodyVive and Sh’bam at BBAC. Her infectious enthusiasm motivates class members both in and out of the group ex room. She’s also the mom of two teen-aged daughters, and lives in Holden with her husband Andy.
Favorite exercise? Dance cardio
Least favorite exercise? Burpees!
Favorite healthy food? Grilled asparagus or fresh strawberries!
Favorite cheat food? Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips! 40% reduced fat!
My perfect day: Family and friends gathered around a fire on a warm summer night!
The most rewarding and challenging things about my job as a teacher: I love teaching because I get to teach children a precious gift —  I get to teach them to read. My day can be challenging because I always need to be on my game!
My iPod  is full of music from country, pop and Bon Jovi!
My proudest accomplishment has been raising my daughters Holly and Meg and watching them turn into quality people.
My next big goal is to figure out what I want to do when I don’t teach school anymore and to find the fitness version of me!

Rebecca Thibodeau

Rebecca Thibodeau

Becca (who is married to BodyCombat instructor Robbie Thibodeau) is a BodyFlow and instructor and hairstylist. “I joined BBAC as a gym member and I loved working out so much with such wonderful, caring, encouraging members that I wanted to give back. So when BBAC decided to introduce BodyVive, I was excited to take the training to be an instructor so that I could give back and be part of a team that encourages health and fitness and longevity of life. Although I was scared to death to be on the stage because I am a bit shy, I absolutely LOVE being a part of something that encourages people to get fit and be healthy. BBAC is like a second family to me — the instructors as well as the members — and I am thankful to have even a small hand in making peoples lives healthier.”

Favorite exercise? Triceps dips
Least favorite exercise? Burpees
Favorite healthy food? Chicken
Favorite cheat food? Potato Chips
Your perfect day? Starting the day with a workout then spending the day with my family.
What do you love about your job (as a hairstylist)? The one-on-one with my clients and seeing the transformation from before to after with a drastic cut or color.
What is most challenging about your job? Having to read some peoples minds. They may not know how to describe what they want.
What’s on your iPod? I have such a mix of 80’s to hard rock to Christian music.
Proudest accomplishment? My daughter! Giving her good morals, values and goals for a healthy rich life.

Holly Nickerson

IMG_4153Holly is a graduate student at Husson University going for her Master’s in Occupational Therapy. She has always been into fitness and high energy activities, starting with playing high school basketball. Holly has been attending BBAC since high school and has always loved the group ex classes. Holly teaches BodyAttack and loves to bring the high energy into the room. You can always catch her in the weight room or in another class!

Favorite Exercise: Squats
Least Favorite Exercise: Pull-Ups
Favorite Healthy Food: Sweet Potato
Favorite Cheat Food: Ice Cream and Pizza
Your Perfect Day: Getting in a good workout then hanging out by the pool with family and friends.
What do you love about your job? As of right now I’m in grad school, but hopefully when I’m an OT it will be helping people become functional, successful, happy people again.
What is most challenging about your job? Being able to balance school and fitting other important activities into my schedule!
My iPod is full of: BodyAttack music, country, and today’s hits.
My proudest accomplishment has been: Being accepted into Graduate School.
My next big goal: Graduating with my Master’s in Occupational Therapy and passing the NBCOT exam to work as an Occupational Therapist!

Kevin Forrest

575198_10201509884342190_199975333_nFavorite Exercise: Biceps, triceps, and dead rows.
Least favorite exercise: Balance poses.
Favorite healthy food: chicken, most veggies, and salads.
Favorite cheat food: Well, let’s start with Geaghan’s beer and then anything that goes well with that!
My perfect day: a long day at a very warm beach with family.
What I love most about being an instructor: the smiles on my team’s faces and the faces participants make when they challenge themselves!
The most challenging part of being an instructor: Finding time to learn the new releases.
My iPod is full of: BodyPump and CXWORX music along with a mix of all kinds of stuff but mostly my generation’s rock – real guitars!
My proudest accomplishment has been:  My family; wife Madeline, son Ian, daughters Morgan and Lauren.
My next big goal: A comfortable retirement with beaches and beer.